To market, to market

Today I’ve been focussing on marketing.  A few weeks ago I developed a library user survey for the students using Survey Monkey. Due to a whole lot of technical issues we only managed to send the link out to our students today so I’ve yet to see how useful that is going to be.  I am bribing encouraging them to participate with a draw for an iTunes voucher so I have my fingers crossed for at least SOME responses!  The survey isn’t aiming for any in depth statistical information – I’m looking to elicit some feedback on services they may like to see the library offer (because at present we don’t offer very many, believe me) before I go putting together a business case to spend yet more money!

I’ve also plastered the library and computer lab with posters of my latest idea, the Website of the Week or WOW.  You can see an example here (sorry if it looks a bit truncated, I cut off the identifying MPOW stuff from the bottom).  The idea for this came from a webinar I attended last week, from Library Journal and Polaris Library Systems called Gadgets and Tools and Apps, Oh My! I found out about so many cool and useful websites that I just had to share them as many are relevant and useful for the students here.  This week’s WOW is forvo, an online pronunciation tool – perfect for our 100% international student body.

The WOW posters join other ‘What’s new?’ and ‘Did you know’ posters on the library door and walls – in an attempt to keep the library and its services front and centre in the minds of  students (and staff!).

I’m still waiting for the library’s online presence to get up and running – I’ll have my own course in the Moodle LMS when it gets up and running, but I’m also still hoping for a web page….

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