Field trip report

Yesterday I took myself on an excursion!  The very kind librarian at the Australian Institute of Management invited me to visit and look around their newly refurbished ‘Knowledge Centre’.  The knowledge centre combines the library and the organisation’s bookshop  (I can see the obvious synergies between the two but have my concerns about how this will work in the long run).  However, it was an interesting and informative visit.  The knowledge centre is set up complete with a Business Lounge – a concept freely borrowed from airline lounges.  Here, AIM members, staff and anyone attending an AIM course in the building can read the papers, flick through business and management journals, check email on any of half a dozen computers, charge their mobile phone, watch the television news, browse the two collections, plug into free wi-fi with their own computer, make coffee or obtain ice cold water.

Make no mistake, they have done a big budget design and overhaul and it looks fantastic.  In fact, it is a librarian’s dream (I even love the colour scheme).  However, much like flicking through a house and garden type magazine oohing and aahing at pictures of makeovers I can’t afford to do,  the trick is picking out the various elements in the set up and applying them to MPOW.

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