Not sure what iThink

News today from the Library Journal’s Digital Libraries blog predicting the ultimate death of Amazon’s Kindle, particularly given the successful introduction of the iPad world wide.  DL’s Roy Tennant argued in 2008 that he knows

“plenty of early adopters and none have confessed to having popped for something that simultaneously looks dorky and costs way more than an iPhone, which is arguably way more functional than a Kindle — including being able to read books.”

Some of this superior functionality is being taken up at academic institutions across the US, as faculty and libraries alike use the iPhone to help deliver lessons, materials and communications with students.  As a librarian, I kind of like the idea of the students being able to look up my really handy guides to referencing while they are out and about or finishing an assignment in the wee hours.  I just hope they’ve all got PDF converter apps on their smart phones so they can read said handy guides!

Now, I’m a newly converted iPhone fan, I held out for a long time, tutting that as I already had a mobile phone and an iPod I couldn’t possibly need an iPhone.  I admit to some 8 weeks later being unsure what I would do without it.  One of my colleagues came in to work on Monday this week with his brand new, shiny iPad and while I agree with fadgetry that yet again, Apple have managed to invent something nobody knew they needed until it came along, it’s not exactly handy, is it?  Have you seen one? They are enormous (relatively speaking of course).  I’ve seen smaller laptops and it certainly isn’t handbag friendly.  The beauty of my iPhone is the capacity to stick it in my pocket, listen to an audio book on the train and not miss any phone calls (I am notoriously bad for not hearing the phone ring if it is more than 3 inches from me, just ask my kids) or messages, because it’s all integrated.

I can see that the larger sized iPad would make reading and watching videos easier than doing that on say, the iPhone – but I figure that that’s what I have books and a DVD player for…..

image: green apple by Y via flickr

3 responses

  1. My next phone when my ocntract expires in 6 months’ time will be a smart phone, but I’m still nsure whether to go HTC or iPhone. I know how you feel about the iPad though! I’m still not convinced…

  2. The iPad is quite heavy I thought too. It’s great for consuming information. Yet to be convinced that it is good for producing information. But, interesting the thought from LJ about the Kindle…

  3. I still haven’t laid sticky fingers on the iPad .. and though I’m coveting the husband’s iPhone & waiting for my current phone contract to expire, I’m concerned that Apple would own my very soul if I got an iPad .. sigh, I’m going to wait a while .. see what happens out there in i-can-afford-to-blow-$800+ -on-something-that-isn’t-my-kids-braces land …

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