Death by training course

OK, so today wasn’t a highlight in my new career.  Training course in how to use the Libraries Australia database search functions, in a stuffy computer classroom – without access to Twitter!  I probably could have learned as much with a few hours, the database to myself to play around with and the work-it-out-as-I-go strategy, but you live and learn I guess.

However.  Tonight I wanted to revisit my theme of communication with a little essay on teleconferences.  As a member of ALIA’s NGAC, I’m getting quite used to teleconferences.  I’ve gone from zero to 100 in teleconference experience in just 6 short weeks.  It’s quite a knack, concentrating on the subject at hand, keeping track of who is speaking and trying to make intelligent comment while simultaneously doing one or all of the following (seriously, these have all happened to me in the very few teleconferences we’ve had so far):

  • shooing the cat off my lap
  • spilling my cup of tea all over my notes
  • indicating through sign language to teenage children that I am NOT currently available for consultation
  • checking out books to students
  • remembering to announce my name before speaking
  • remembering not to speak too much for fear of boring others, or too little for fear of boring others
  • indicating through sign language to other staff that I am NOT currently available for consultation

This week, we not only had a teleconference going, we had one member communicating via google chat because she couldn’t get onto the call and we were collaborating on a google docs doc as well. All at the same time! We’re very clever librarians 🙂

4 responses

  1. Sigh, I can’t believe I actually missed the teleconf (and it was holiday in WA)…. Good to know it was a good teleconf…

  2. Impressive learnings! I’d struggle with the not talking to much one …

  3. We certainly are clever! And Hoi I have emailed ALIA to try and get them to fix whatever was wrong with it that it wouldn’t let you and Vanessa in. *sigh* Clare I’m constantly shooing the cat away too!

  4. LOL at the cat… clearly he/she thinks his/her contribution is important!

    Some staff I work with refuse to meet in any other way than face to face.

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