InCite at breakfast

Coffee and home made banana bread this morning, accompanied by a quick flick through InCite – it did land in my letterbox a day or two ago but I’ve been very busy commenting on blog posts and hadn’t even opened it until this morning.

I was struck immediately by Kate Davis’ article about research in Energise-Enthuse-Inspire.  This introductory ‘how to’ seems to be the perfect article for me at the perfect time in my newly formed career.  I have vague ideas about some vague areas of professional interest to me forming vague structures in the back of my mind.  In spite of having attended (and enjoyed) RAILS2 back in 2005, the world of research is quite foreign to me.  I know that I want to contribute, to have my say, to present at conferences, to have things published and Kate’s article has given me plenty to think about in mapping out that path.

image: Quality Coffee by sho0dan via flickr

5 responses

  1. huzzah! it was tricky to know where to go with that article, so i’m so pleased to hear it was useful to you.

    let me know if you want to chat about research ideas…

  2. I liked it too! I’ve just written something up for a journal, and copped a lot of flak from workmates for being “pretentious” and thinking that the project I was trying was worth writing about. I knew there was nothing wrong with doing it, but Kate’s article really helped me feel confident in myself and my decision to publish. Go for it!

    1. stick with sharing your ideas with sympathetic fellow bloggers instead….. 🙂

      1. instead of unsympathetic colleagues is what I actually meant by that…not instead of publishing!

  3. […] this month, one of my fellow #blogeverydayofjune pals posted about an article I wrote in this month’s inCite. The article was essentially about what research is and how new graduates can get involved and get […]

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