During the week I organised my registration to ALIA Access in Brisbane in September.  So now, I have flights and conference registration – still working on accommodation.  I read a blog post from ProfHacker last month on eating well at conferences and thanks to Zotero was able to find it again to link it here.

The point of this post is actually to talk about Zotero (and the general concept of ‘portable’ favourites lists – gotta love the cloud).  I use it pretty extensively and find it a handy way to capture and sort the various websites and blog postings I come across.  I subscribe to a few blogs such as TechCrunch and LifeHacker Australia  that produce a lot of posts every day.  As I’m pretty keen on a zero inbox (or as close to it as I can possibly get) I use Zotero to help me get through it.  Essentially, I skim the email headers, if it might be interesting I go to the whole post, then either save it in Zotero to look at later or delete it.  It also means I don’t have to email stuff to myself from work or from home if I find things I think might be interesting in the other.

My question is, I have also dabbled with diigo and as I don’t see the need to maintain both, am wondering what the essential difference is.  I’m not particularly interested in the social networking aspects of diigo as I have plenty of other outlets – what I love about both is being able to save my ‘favourites’  and access them from wherever I am. 

Anyone out there with thoughts or experiences to share?

image: First Air 727-100 by caribb via flickr

5 responses

  1. Oh that is interesting the way you use it. I’ve just started using it for stuff I read like online journals and the like. Also sites I want to bookmark but not as a “favourite”.

    1. I guess I use the terms favourite and bookmark interchangeably, product of a long IE background.

  2. Also useful for me! I am trying to use delcious and evernote for this but need to follow through a bit more

  3. […] have blogged previously about my dilemma of choosing diigo or zotero to track my bookmarks and keep my ‘one day I will […]

  4. […] have blogged previously about my dilemma of choosing diigo or zotero to track my bookmarks and keep my ‘one day I will […]

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