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I was pleased to read that Miss Sophie Mac is a ‘to do list’ tester and yet to find the one she likes the best – I thought it was only me.  I am obsessed with ‘to do’ apps for my iPhone and have installed more than I care to remember in my search for the perfect one.  I will confess that I have not given Evernote a proper trial but may well do so following Sophie’s comments about it.

I have used Remember the Milk on my desktop and once I got used to it I loved the way it ‘thinks’, but on principle won’t pay the annual (not once off) app fee for the iPhone version.  It could be that this is the well known principle of cutting-my-nose-off-to-spite-my-face but there it is.

The reminder/alert function of the basic iPhone calendar app appeals to me and I keep coming back to it but as I am not a Mac user, I have no ‘other’ calendar for it to sync with and it doesn’t give me the visual picture of my tasks and events that RTM does.

I have blogged previously about my dilemma of choosing diigo or zotero to track my bookmarks and keep my ‘one day I will read this’ list, or using both.  I do feel that using both is probably unproductive but am procrastinating about making a decision until I have been floating around in the cloud environment a bit longer.

It does occur to me that I could spend so long entering stuff into a to-do list or calendar or other organisation type app that I run out of time to actually just get on and do it.

image: To-do list book by koalazymonkey via flickr

3 responses

  1. I use stickies (mac user) on my desktop I find it is useful for work to do lists. I have tried iphone apps but I revert back to handwritten lists and/or using notes on iphone.

  2. I also use stickies on my mac for notes and todo’s. On my iphone I’ve tried: iphone notes, iphone calendar, evernote, Awesome note, To do’s and others that were so bad I deleted them. I like evernote because you can do a voicenote, textnote or imagenote. Sometimes I don’t have time to write something down and I like to quickly say it… ‘note to self, don’t forget to but milk…’ But I do like the alert system the calendar has and I haven’t been able to replicate that. Sometimes I need a list of ideas, sometime a one day todo and sometimes a time sensitive to do. Still searching for the perfect app.

    The diigo, zotero matter is a whole other kettle of fish! I use refworks and delicious and I wich I could combine the 2. Any suggestions?

  3. I’m loving Toodledo at the moment; & am huge fan of Evernote

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