30 things here too

OK, another break for me from the (hopefully) largely professional theme of this blog.  I am going to attempt to come up with 30 things I’ve done in June other than blog:

1.Had a weekend in Bathurst with some cousins

2.Went to Libraries Australia training

3.Bought a new fridge

4.Rejoiced that my partner and I decided to move in together

5.Helped said partner weed his CD collection in preparation for said move

6.Culled some books from home in preparation for afore-mentioned move

7.Had a great night in with MIL & FIL and pizza

8.Went to Toy Story 3 with Mr Nearly 13

9.Taught my daughter how to use Google Wonder Wheel

10.Taught my daughter’s bestie how to use flickr

11.Presented at student orientation (today) – love getting new students!

12.Visited the chiropractor no less than 8 times

13.Watched my boys play football (soccer for the un-initiated)

14.Made an awesome loaf of Italian type bread (curiously in the shape of a scarab beetle but that’s another story)

15.Participated in mid-winter solstice celebrations

16.Didn’t go to bookclub (I hardly ever miss bookclub)

17.Had dinner at the RSL with my uncle

18.Totted up 40 points in the ALIA PD scheme

19.Took Mr Nearly 13 to the orthodontist and signed (despairingly) on the dotted line of the payment-plan-for-braces

20.Organised Mr Nearly 18’s 18th birthday party

21.Cooked gorgeous mixed mushrooms for Miss 16’s birthday breakkie

22.Consulted my lawyer

23.Signed up to Dry July for the second year.

24.Sponsored a friend who is doing Dry July

25.Had a great walk along the Esplanade at Cronulla with Mr Nearly 13

26.Watched in awe as my partner served us from a whole baked snapper last weekend

27.Took the cat to the vet (again)

28.Went to bed early to read/blog/facebook (love the iPhone) when it was too cold to stay up.

29.Told my kids I love them

30.Registered interest in TEDx Canberra for October

image: Thirty One by davidgsteadman via flickr

5 responses

  1. Wow! Thats an impressive list! Well done!

    1. Thanks Sophie – I must admit, I got to about 15 and thought ‘what else can I write? Oh no, my life is all about nothing!’ but when I thought about it a bit more I found the roses by the roadside 🙂

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