Voicing our world

During blogeverydayinjune a suggestion came from Ruth that I blog about the process becoming a Librivox audiobook volunteer.  I have looked into this and it really does seem to be as simple as it appears.  Essentially, you register with the Librivox community and sort your way through the various forums until you find the one where you put your hand up to record chapters of a current project.  You need some decent recording software – they suggest Audacity (it’s free) – and a microphone.  Everything else is done through the magic of software, uploading, downloading and the general mystical operations of the interwebs.  They have people to proof-listen your piece, once you fix up anything they found then bob is your uncle (or your next door neighbour, in my case), it is added to the rest of the project and when it’s complete, the whizz bang technical people put it up as a new audio book.

Now I just need to get around to actually DOING all of this.

image: micro by Manuel_Marin via flickr

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