To meme or not to meme?

When I first started #blogeverydayinjune I had no idea what a meme was.  I ended up ‘doing’ a few, but was curious about the origin of the term, and what it actually meant.  I was startled to find some quite in depth discussion of meme-ing out there in cyber space (even a TED talk on the concept).

Now I’m curious about correct sentence construction around the word ‘meme’.  Is meme a noun or a verb in popular usage? Do we participate in a meme? Perhaps do a meme? Or am I memeing?

It’s Friday afternoon.   I could probably expand this thought much, much further.   Just not today.

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  1. […] OK, I admit I have shamelessly stolen this idea from @acrystelle’s Flight Path blog. But after all, what’s a month long blog challenge without a few idea thefts? Some might even call them a meme…. […]

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