A bevy of browsers

My browser of choice, both at work and at home is Google Chrome.  It’s fast, light, has some nifty features and I LOVE that the URL address line is also the search box – that still thrills me every time I use it, it’s so sensible!

Of course, I can’t use it for everything can I? Log into my Centrelink account? Not on Chrome.  Use Zotero? Um, no, that’s a Firefox plug-in.  Fill in PD points on the ALIA website? Ah.. no, you’ll need Firefox for that too.  Work on the Moodle lessons for Academic Skills? Nope, that works best in IE, although if you want to use Firefox you can. I only discovered the Moodle problem today – it was just not behaving normally and I thought I’d somehow changed the settings within the program and couldn’t change them back and was tearing my hair out – bless our IT guy’s little cotton socks….

So, of necessity here at MPOW, I have 3 browsers installed and have to use them interchangeably, depending on what I am doing that day.  I don’t like Firefox (too sloooooow), so I am hoping the new ALIA PD scheme page won’t be so dependent on it and I have found acceptable alternatives to Zotero so I can probably ditch Firefox completely.  Windows 7 has restored some of my faith in Microsoft, but I’d still rather not use IE.

Not being an IT person myself, I don’t get it – I’m sure there are explanations, but they won’t help, I still won’t really get it.  I just want to be able to get on with my job.

image: 763 – Computer Packet Pattern by Patrick Hoesly via flickr

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  1. ever since I discovered Chrome I am it biggest supporter. It looks clean and quick to load, what more can we ask for?

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