Family librarian – again

Tonight Miss 16 rang wanting a lesson in Harvard style referencing – over the phone no less.  Even more than I love being a librarian, I love that I have a child who is ‘nerdy’ enough to be appreciative of the fact that I’m a librarian! It makes me feel, well, kinda cool.  I have knowledge and skills that she finds valuable – as I have blogged about before.

Of course, now that I’m off the phone, I’ve thought of a dozen different ways I could have said things – each one better and brighter than the one before.  It makes me think seriously about the referencing module of my information literacy/academic skills courses that are taking shape on the moodle at MPOW.  I think there’ll be some tweaking and rewriting later this week.

A mini evidence based practice ephiphany in my own household! Did I mention I love being a librarian?

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