Organising my life – Part 2

During #blogeverydayinjune I blogged about organiser and productivity apps and software for my iPhone and the desktop situation. I tweeted over the weekend that

All the time spent trying todo list apps paid off today, went errand-ing and didn’t forget anything! #appjunkie

which prompted this response from @fionareadersrr

@newgradlib Oooh – I need a to do list app! What do you suggest?

When I went back to my original blog post I realised how woefully thin on details it was (I’m putting this down to the production pressure of #blogeverydayinjune!).  The world is swamped with to-do list and productivity apps but here’s what it’s come down to for me:

  • On the iPhone I use the calendar function as it gives me alerts for events, appointments and other things I don’t want to forget.  Having just bought my first MacBook I’m hoping this will pay off with syncs to iCal as well.  There’s a lot of things I don’t like about this calendar but it does send alerts and sometimes (mostly?) that’s useful.
  • I also use an app called ShopListFree which is a handy little shopping list that includes a satisfying ‘tick the box’ when you’ve put the item in the trolley.  It also remembers your items once you’ve entered them so the more I use it the more useful it is as I have to do less and less typing each time.  When you close the app, it shows a little red number representing the number of things on your list that haven’t been ticked.  My breakthrough on the weekend was to use this shopping list to keep track of all the errands I had to run, rather than just the things I had to get in the supermarket.  While it doesn’t send reminders, I do look at my iPhone often enough to notice that there are things ‘unchecked’.  All in all, very useful for the price!  Here is a comparison between my app and one called Grocery List.

The second part of my earlier post about this was my dilemma with cloud based ‘favourites’ tools, such as zotero and diigo.  I’m still dilemma-ing and agree with Miss Sophie Mac’s comment to that post and wish I could combine parts of all of the ones I’ve tried.  Since the time of writing, I have flicked zotero, mainly because it’s usefulness is limited if you don’t use Firefox (it’s a firefox plugin) and have recently begun using springpadit.  I haven’t entirely given up on diigo…

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  2. Thanks so much for this post 🙂

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