Never say never

Barely 8 months after saying “that’s it, I can’t possibly EVER study again” I find myself on the brink of a 6 week course on evidence based practice. FOLIOz is a program of online learning developed specifically for librarians at Sheffield University in the UK.  Here in Australia, ALIA links with this UK partner to  deliver short, email and wiki based online learning for LIS professionals as part of the PD program for ALIA members.

So far so good. I’ve had my first email from the course facilitator and have set up my email inbox to forward those emails to a separate folder so I don’t lose them in the avalanche of email that comes into my personal account every 24 hours.  The course outline comes with a schedule of tasks and emails we can expect to get and there will be roughly one a (working) day for the next  weeks so that’s quite a bit more traffic in my inbox!

I’m keen on attending the EBLIP6 conference in Manchester, UK in June next year and thought this course might be a good introduction and a way of working out whether I really do want to spend that money and go all that way (of course, I do want the UK holiday that would be tacked on as part of it…).

Watch this space….

image: Back when I studied Chinese by alexandralee via flickr

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