When social media goes wrong?

Photo is to calm me down. It's the Lady Diana Spencer Memorial Fountain, Kensington Gardens

Today I had an awkward and potentially very difficult situation arise at work that I’m at a loss to explain – although I suspect social media might be at the root of the problem.

The HR manager at MPOW had an email from an individual today saying that this individual understood through professional networks that I had accepted a position with another organisation and that my job was therefore about to be advertised.  The person asked to be advised when MPOW was likely to be advertising as they were very interested in my position.

Now, I have seen this email and I have this person’s name as a result of that but I draw a blank with who it actually is.  It isn’t anyone I know and a google search of the name brings up nothing even vaguely library related.

It’s fairly common knowledge among my small section of the twitter-verse that I have been for a job interview but specific details of where and when have been limited to a few DM’s with a few select (and trusted) people.  Similarly, it’s not a secret where I work, but I don’t go out of my way to advertise the name of MPOW and this email was addressed to the HR Manager, not our info@ account.  Whoever this person is has taken the time to not only find out/work out where I work but has looked up our HR Manager’s email address on our company website.

I haven’t been offered a job anywhere else and in fact the organisation I went for the interview with is hoping to have cleared their internal bureaucracy in time to have something to offer the successful applicant at the end of this week.  I would be a brave newgradlib indeed if I had already resigned on the strength of an interview I admittedly felt pretty comfortable with.

As I said, I’m at a complete loss to explain this.  It’s weird and to be honest, slightly creepy. The most likely explanation is someone telling someone telling someone and the message getting lost in the middle. This is my first experience of social media going wrong and I’m not liking it.

Either that or one of my friends has a warped sense of humour……

7 responses

  1. i would say, no doubt, that someone got their wires crossed. with confusion. because, well… that is confusing.

    you have no obligation to respect this person’s position – say you don’t know who they are, or why they think your job is available. it’s true.

    sigh. social media is great. but, sometimes, infuriating.

  2. I agree that’s very weird. Unless they’re just fishing. If the potential “applicant” for your job isn’t even a social-media recognisable librarian… extremely odd. I agree with elizabeth, you don’t know why they’re sniffing around your job or who they are. In fact, I would say that whoever they are they are unprofessional in the extreme to be using potentially sensitive social media gleaned information. One of the caveats of using social media professionally is being able to trust those you interact with. Good luck with it all.

    1. I agree – this casts a greater shadow on the other person than you, that’s for sure! You have acted quite appropriately as far as I’m concerned, in that you haven’t broadcast your jobseeking (locked account) or spoken negatively about your employer. Whereas this other person has acted on an assumption, jumped the gun, made inappropriate contact with an organisation, and not had the courtesy to contact you first. Not a good look.

      1. Thanks Sally! Assuming this is inappropriate use of social media, then it’s a lesson I guess that no matter how carefully one tries to manage one’s online presence there’s always potential for it to go wrong.

  3. hmm – that is weird and not very pleasant. I would assume someone has made some assumptions and got some messages mixed around.

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