Library day in the life #6

Robot librarian? by dullhunk via flickr CC

I thought I’d missed ‘the day’ for Round 6 of this blog/posting challenge (see here for more information) but discovered on reading a twitter contact’s post that I actually have the whole week to participate – so here I am, describing my library day in the life for Tuesday 24th January.

I work in an OPL – my employer is a small private higher education college in Sydney.  We have about 300 students, mostly doing a Bachelor of International Business (with a small number doing Masters programs) and all are international students.

Today is a good day for me to post my library day – as I have been involved in a workshop all afternoon, looking at the future of academic libraries and librarians, as perceived by 20 or so members of ALIA Sydney.  It was an invitation only workshop designed to gather some information ‘on the ground’ to feed into the 2020 Academic Libraries Symposium (of University Librarians) to be held at UTS next week.

Before I went though, here was my day:

9.10 – arrive at work.  I’m a bit late (like Sally) – because I got held up with some kid wrangling at home

9.25 – finally get the computer running sufficiently well to download email, respond to one from the Co-op bookshop about our upcoming orders for Term 1 and another from a publisher about the same subject (our term gets underway again on 21 February).

9.40 – update the library website with information about the new location of the library (we moved just before Christmas and are only ‘open for business’ again this week).

9.50 – make new signs for the bay-ends in the library indicating dewey numbers for each bay: I then realise I can’t print these as the printer/copier hasn’t yet been relocated. I overhear the IT guy at the other end of the room (I share my space with the computer lab) on the phone to the copier company complaining about this as I am typing.  We hope it will be here on Thursday.

10.10 – Go for a walk to get coffee and pick up the library copies of the newspapers.  This is earlier than I normally have a coffee break as I’m leaving at 11.15am to go to the Horizon workshop.

10.30 – Scan RSS reader for updates of interest and discover I’m not too late to participate in the library day in the life.

10.40 – Return to working on another Google site I am developing.  I am interested in the concept of libguides but our budget does not allow us to use Libguides itself so I am exploring other ways of providing a similar service to students.  I developed the library website and my own e-portfolio using Google sites and am now practicing on another format to see if it will be a suitable substitute or whether I am better off just expanding the library website to include subject guides.

11.10 – headed off to UTS to attend the Horizon workshop.

12.00 – 5.00 – what fun! Participated in a World Cafe style of discussion focussing on how we see the academic librarian of the future.  The discussion centred around 4 main themes and each small group proceeded around the room to discuss a different theme at each table.  Each table had a ‘topic leader’ who stayed put at the table, so ended up discussing the same theme with all 4 groups.  I was asked to be a topic leader (something I feel privileged to have done) so at the end of the day presented the consolidated thoughts of each small group back to the room.  I really enjoyed both the discussion, the intellectual stimulation and the company of many like minded libraryland folk – some of whom I already knew but most of whom are now new contacts.  Yay for networking! Most exciting of all – on Monday next week, I am joining a team of 4 to present our findings to the ‘bigwigs’ at the 2020 Symposium. Stay tuned!

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