What’s in a name?

'Names' from Penningtron via flickr CC

What’s in a name? Well, everything really. Welcome to a short rant about one of my pet peeves – the inability of otherwise seemingly educated people to spell my name correctly.  I don’t have a particularly difficult first name to spell, in fact it’s a very common name.  However, there are quite a few variations of the spelling and it seems to me that when doing business with me, checking which version I use is probably a) polite and b) professional.  I can cope with my name being mispelled if its the first time I’ve heard from you, or if you have taken a guess having only ever heard it spoken (because I don’t use the most common spelling).

However, if I have sent you an email, with my name on it in AT LEAST 3 places, why, why, WHY would you reply with the wrong spelling? It makes you look a) slightly stupid b) unprofessional and c) completely uncaring.

To use my favourite phrase : It’s not rocket science.


6 responses

  1. Oh I totally hear you. One look at my inbox (or school reports) tells you how many spelling variations people can come up with. I have the double pleasure of a full first name that I HATE (and that I have NEVER been addressed as, Mum just though the short version would look better on the birth certificate), and have people ask me what I like to be addressed as, then call me by my full name anyway (Hello, employers!).

  2. Whoops, meant that Mum preferred the long version on the BC…

  3. See, now I’m so curious – what’s your name??? I feel so bad because I think I should actually know it…. but my brain at the moment is about as effective as a tissue that’s been through the wash.
    Back to your original issue – YES TOTAL AGREE. Mine is a surname issue. Many people ask how it is pronounced… to then mispronounce it. Why ask?

    1. You’ve made me laugh! My name’s Clare – simple huh?

  4. And then there are the people who can’t say your (my) name right…. Bonnie, not Barney(?wtf?), not Browny, not Vonnie… Sigh oh and not Bon or Bunnie either!

    1. Oh I am hearing you loud and clear… errr.. Bronnie?? 🙂

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