More blog link goodness – Chris Cheng: It’s all about the books

Many of you will know that I spent 2 years working at the Children’s Book Council of Australia before starting my new career in libraryland.  During that time I got to know many wonderful Australian children’s authors and their work.  Most children’s authors in Australia have to also have  a day job – some are able to make a living from writing alone.

Some, such as Chris Cheng, are staunch supporters of the CBCA and its programs and awards.  Chris’ blog is a wonderful, colourful brain dump of ideas, events, friends, travel and enthusiasm for and about children’s literature in Australia.

Chris was awarded the Lady Cutler Award for services ‘above and beyond’ to children’s literature in 2009 and created a first for the CBCA by skyping into the Award dinner as he was unavoidably overseas at the time.  You can read Chris’ version of the dinner and the Award here.

I miss the contact with and immersion in the world of children’s literature and love that I can keep in touch by following blogs.

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