Hard to think about work

I’m away for the weekend with 12 amazing women from my bookclub, my past, my life. Whenever I spend time with this group of women (or any combination of them), I am reminded of The West Wing episode These Women. If you’re not a West Wing fan that probably won’t mean much.

Anyway, I got up early & did some of the reading I brought away with me. I sat in front of the fire with a cup of tea & the company of one of these women, also up early in PhD writing mode.

None of these women are LIS folk, so once others started getting up, I put away my book on digital libraries & the digital humanities. At this moment these women are more important than my work goals. Off to drink more tea.

2 responses

  1. strawberriesofintegrity | Reply

    Sounds like a perfect weekend and lots of synergies and great conversations!

  2. […] Yesterday I blogged that I was away for the weekend and made reference to The West Wing episode These women. Of course, it’s actually called The crackpots and these women but I thought that might be taken the wrong way and it was the strength of the women in that episode that I wanted to focus on, rather than the (not necessarily female) crackpots. Of course over the years we have had many, many crackpot moments, most of which are not for talking about other than amongst ourselves. […]

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