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I tweeted today that IT at MPOW are having some trouble figuring out why dropbox won’t install on my work PC. Some background is needed. As I’ve recently changed teams I have been the lucky recipient of a long overdue new computer and I’m one of a handful of staff testing the Windows 7 environment that is to be rolled out as standard… er, soonish.

Dropbox installed fine on the old machine but something in the new configuration is stopping it. IT were able to get endnote to load and to get the system to allow me to designate Chrome as my default browser but dropbox is being problematic.

This led me to think about the tools I take for granted in my workday – dropbox definitely being one of them. Some are tech based, others not.

I use my (personal) iPad nearly every day at work, to take notes, monitor twitter via hootsuite, draw mindmaps using popplet, refer to annotated PDF documents, write meeting minutes or quickly look something up on the fly. From being initially very sceptical about the uses for the iPad I’ve become quite a convert!


I’ve just acquired the document holder you can see between keyboard & monitor in the photo & after a week I already cannot imagine how I got on without it.

I can’t imagine not having a couple of notebooks on the go at any one time. I love the iPad but sometimes I find there’s no substitute for physically writing it down. That said, I can never find a pen & have taken to haunting the stationery cupboard this week in anticipation of the monthly order delivery in case there’s new pens….

The new PC has come with OneNote loaded and I’m currently exploring its usefulness & capabilities – I’ll let you know if it becomes indispensable!

What tools do you rely on at work?

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  1. Love to find out how you get on with one note

    1. Yes me too! I’ve never used it before, but my cousin is a teacher in QLD and they use it at work – got me thinking about it quite differently!

  2. I’m the original tech girl, but somethings I prefer to write out or draw out, especially in meetings. So I tend to carry sheets of A4 paper and pens. I usually end up snapping a pic with my iPad and sticking it in Dropbox though, rather than keeping the paper.

    But when I hit panic stations, I am all about the post it notes. An assortment of sizes, colours and shapes of post its, plus an assortment of fine felt tip coloured pens are probably my most important work tools… I regularly get chastised for needing to get more post its pretty much every time I go near a shopping centre.

    Besides my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, 26 inch LCD monitor, laptop stand, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and collection of Apple connector cables (which I carry around in my handbag like a dork). Notably, all my own gear except my iPad, which was bought by work but is technically mine (and therefore not locked down at all). Just can’t deal with work-supplied tech. Too slow; too many restrictions.

    I had some problems getting Dropbox working on my laptop. There’s something to do with installing it at the PC rather than user level. But I guess your IT guys have probably tried that…

  3. Unfortunately I work in a very tech-restrictive environment. I don’t have access to Dropbox or Evernote, for example. There is also not a lot of people with their own devices, such as an iPad, to start a BYOD movement. I make do with some web-based applications I do have access to, like Toodledo for my ‘to do’ list (I don’t like the Tasks function in Outlook) and I have a notepad. Every now and then I feel the need to grab a whiteboard and start brainstorming but I can’t as they’re in meeting rooms. I do have two screens though which help alot with keeping work papers electronic. I hardly print nowadays.

  4. I used to have a very useful work tool called a ‘Clare’ – still adjusting to life without it as it was great at helping get my todos done.

    I’ve become dependant on a skinny notebook of to do lists and couldn’t cope without dropbox. I love being multimodal but refuse to load work email into mail on my iPad.

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