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I digress… slightly

While this blog is meant to be recording such things as may be suitable to appear on my CV one day, I am taking the opportunity today to write about some of our students.  One of the programs we run here at MPOW is called SMIPA.  It’s a professional year program under the skilled migrant policy designed to assist accounting graduates in Australian cultural and workplace readiness and the all important final extra points needed to gain their PR (permanent residency for those of you not immersed in DIAC acronyms and abbreviations all day long like I am).

SMIPA is a great program.  It runs for 45 weeks (part time, 2 days a week) and includes a 15 week internship out in the real workforce in the middle of it.  We are certainly not the only SMIPA provider in the country, and nor do we run this program as a community service.  Make no mistake, it’s profitable program and the competition for student dollars is very fierce.

Today, our 4th SMIPA cohort graduated.  Within a week, these young adults will be able to submit their final PR applications and go on to enjoy their life in Sydney with a bit more certainty than they had under their student visas.  While all our SMIPA students have at least an undergraduate degree and usually a Masters, this particular cohort of 15 were a particularly intelligent, lively, articulate, funny and friendly bunch of people and I sincerely wish them all the best in their endeavours.  MPOW will be much quieter without them around.

image: Graduation Cake Guy by CarbonNYC via flickr