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Australian content?

The first ALJ for the year arrived in my PO Box this week.  I have always enjoyed getting and reading it, even when I had a student membership of ALIA I always added ALJ onto my subscription.

I skimmed the articles and put them aside for later, deeper reading and dived straight into the book reviews as I find these helpful and informative.  I was struck (again – this is nothing new and was a constant source of irritation while I was studying) by the dearth of Australian publishing in our field.  There were some 27 reviews in this issue, 1 Australian publication, 3 British, 1 Canadian and the rest from the USA.

Do we really have nothing to say about library practice, evidence, education or experience in Australia? I know it’s a far cry from #blogeverydayinjune to producing a book or even a research paper, but if this experience has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that the Australian library community has plenty to say on all of these issues.  So, do we just not have a wide enough audience to justify the effort and cost of publication?