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Resetting priorities

Today, as I head off to a family party weekend in the country to celebrate a much loved aunt’s 60th birthday, I bring you a link to a wonderful post by the wonderful & thoughtful K.G. Schneider over at Free Range Librarian, about resetting priorities and examining what really matters. That is all. Except that the wordle comes from the text of a few posts tagged family over on my other blog.

The biggest word is ‘time’

Hard to think about work

I’m away for the weekend with 12 amazing women from my bookclub, my past, my life. Whenever I spend time with this group of women (or any combination of them), I am reminded of The West Wing episode These Women. If you’re not a West Wing fan that probably won’t mean much.

Anyway, I got up early & did some of the reading I brought away with me. I sat in front of the fire with a cup of tea & the company of one of these women, also up early in PhD writing mode.

None of these women are LIS folk, so once others started getting up, I put away my book on digital libraries & the digital humanities. At this moment these women are more important than my work goals. Off to drink more tea.

Blog every day in June

I knew it was June, really I did. I even put my name down to do a post for ALIA Sydney as part of Blog every day in June. Still, I was taken by surprise when @jobeaz’s first #blogjune post popped up on twitter.

Which is why I’m now stabbing out this very short piece on the smartphone as I wait on a street corner for a lift to a weekend away with some friends. I’m taking plenty of work related reading away, all neatly filed on the iPad as I’ve got some personal & professional deadlines next week (including the aforementioned ALIA Sydney post!).

Mostly it’s data & eResearch on my mind. More of that as June unfolds.